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Dress Code

Dress Code
Students in the Demopolis City School System shall wear the following:
1. Clothing conducive to learning and respectful of the learning environment.
2. Clothing which covers the shoulders, cleavage, abdomen, and back.
3. Clothing that is appropriate to student's size.
4. Pants/slacks at the natural waistline.
5. Shoes appropriate for the activity and safety: class, gym, shop, etc.
6. Shorts, skirts, and dresses no more than two inches above the knee, unless deemed inappropriate by the administration.
Students are prohibited from wearing the following:
1. Sunglasses in the building except with a doctor's prescription.
2. See-through, skintight, spandex, and/or revealing clothing
3. Open or chain belts, belt buckles not buckled, electronic belts or buckles, or cap "fish hooks".
4. Unfastened overalls
5. Pants/slacks with the appearance of sagging.
6. Hats, caps, headgear, and any other head cover in the buildings on campus.
7. Curlers, picks, combs, or chop sticks.
8. Bandannas or sashes anywhere as a part of dress.
9. Excessively frayed or torn clothing or clothing with holes.
10. House shoes/slippers/flip flops are inappropriate unless approved by the school administration.
11. Clothing depicting unacceptable and/or inappropriate decals, slogans, or pictures; profanity; language containing or referring to suggestive or immoral behavior; gang activity; alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
12. Any clothing and/or headgear which directly or by innuendo disrespects (or is perceived to disrespect) a student's race, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disability and/or creates, supports, or promotes hostile learning environment contrary to the anti-harassment policies of the Board of Education (including negative feelings, disharmony, racial or religious discord, intimidation, embarrassment, and/or fear). 
13. Trench coats or Matrix coats shall not be worn at school.
14. No athletic attire of any type (sweat pants, wind suits, athletic jerseys, etc.) Exceptions for game days, special events, etc. 
15. Any body piercings visible in any manner. Females wear one set of earrings, but otherwise, no piercings shall be permitted. Males may not wear any earrings or piercings, other than a small ball earring worn in the lobe. This is restricted to one per lobe.
16. Males must wear a belt with pants and pants must be worn at the natural waistline. There shall be no large or oversize belt buckles, and the Principal shall have discretion in this matter.
Exceptions may be made to any of the above when physical or other circumstances warrant or for certain groups during performances or special activities as authorized by the administration.