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U.S. Jones Library Media Center

The goal of the library media center is to encourage enjoyment of literature, provide access to different sources of information, and assist faculty and students in retrieving information. The program strives to provide resources that support the enhancement and development of our state curriculum in addition to providing a wide variety of materials that support and reflect the varied interests, values, points of view, ethnicities, socioeconomic characteristics, and academic abilities of our school community.

The library media center operates on a flexible schedule. It is open each day from 8:00 am to 2:50 pm. Flexible scheduling allows the use of the library at the point of need by individuals, groups, and /or classes. They may come individually or with their class. Students have multiple opportunities throughout the week to visit the library and each homeroom class is assigned a 30 minutes library class time every other week.  There are 18 iPads that students are able to use during their library class times. Our library is fully automated and networked thus allowing students, teachers, and parents access to the online catalog from the classroom or home. Click the "Search the Library" tab to access the online catalog.